Kick-off meeting in Hamburg

Productive first face-to-face meeting of ENDLESS. Unfortunately, not all members could join us. We all are looking forward to the next meeting later this year.

First progress meeting in Berlin

On February 26, 2019 we met in Berlin F2F with partners from Berlin, Utrecht, and Lübeck. Unfortunately, partners from Ankara and Paris could only join by Skype. However, all discussions were very fruitful and inspiring. Next meeting will be held in Paris in September.

2nd progress meeting in Hamburg

On February 26 we met in Hamburg for our second progress meeting. It was impressive to hear about all the  progress made over the last years.


Final progress meeting (virtual)

Today we had the final meeting with our collaborators from the ERA-CVD funded ENDLESS consortium led by Gerard Pasterkamp.

1,5 years from the 3 years funding period was heavily influenced by the pandemic. Our last F2F meeting was in Hamburg, Germany on February 26, the day when the first two Covid19 cases were reported nearby Cologne after carneval. 


Despite the missing F2F meetings we made quite some progress. And, most importantly we discussed new ideas for follow-up studies.